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August 25, 2020
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September 3, 2020

The summer holidays stretch ahead of us.  Kids, already bored with lockdown, face a summer with many of their favorite haunts remaining closed.  So how can you keep the kids amused?  Business Optimiser takes a look at the best online resources for kids to enjoy this summer vacation season.

#1. Design Museum

The Design Museum in London, UK, has some brilliant lesson plans and family activities that can inspire your kids’ creative sides.  The Family Create and Make at Home space is easy to dip in and out of whenever you want, so it’s a brilliant resource to add to your list of ideas for rainy days.

#2. Smithsonian

The Smithsonian museums stretch far beyond the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC and its online resources are just as diverse.  Online events, some fantastic online information about exhibitions and a huge selection of blog post content is packed with ideas and information that’s sure to engage your kids. The Natural History museum content is especially fun.

#3. Zooniverse

The Zooniverse is the largest platform for citizen science in the world.

Find out more about it here:

Your kids can get involved in real online science projects while exploring the universe.

#4 Let’s Do Science by the Adler Planetarium

The Adler Planetarium in Chicago has produced a wide range of videos for its YouTube channel that show you how to do easy science experiments that your children can undertake at home.

#5. Natural History Museum

Cinema-goers of all ages will be familiar with the dinosaurs of the Natural History Museum in London, so it’s brilliant to find dinosaur-themed activities among the wide range of craft and science activities for kids and families on its website.

#6. Tinkerlabs

For an online collection of kid-friendly art resources, Tinkerlabs is hard to beat.  Browse the website or sign up to the e-newsletter to receive inspiration and prompts for art projects and tinkering for littlies from four months up to elementary school.

#7. National Geographic

The Nat Geo Family Camp aims to recreate camp experiences with eight weeks of at-home activities.  National Geographic is updating new activities on its website every Wednesday throughout the summer.

#8. The Met

The Met is also running a global online summer camp programme throughout this summer.  Activities are posted on to the website on a weekly basis, so your little ones can be inspired week by week.

#9. Connected camps

If you have a child that is obsessed with Minecraft, then this is the summer camp for your household!  Connected camps turn Minecraft time into learning time.  Most sessions run for 90 minutes and take place inside Minecraft.

#10. PBS

You will find a whole host of summer activities on the PBS website, with downloadables, printables, a summer activity book and lots of ideas for summer fun.